$$ Crafting Communications Campaigns with Impact $$

Pamela Gramlich Presenter
Assistant Director, Sustainability; Program Coordinator, Environmental Studies
Colgate University
Nathan Jandl Co-Presenter
Assistant Director, Office of Sustainability
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jess Lasoff-Santos Co-Presenter
PhD Student
University of Michigan
Lisa Nicolaison Co-Presenter
Engagement and Communications Coordinator
Princeton University
Wed, 10/30: 8:30 AM  - 12:00 PM 
Half-Day Workshop 
AM Post-Conference Workshop 
Room: 401B - Communications Track 
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Communications are crucial for engaging campus communities around sustainability and for encouraging transformative action. Indeed, without compelling communication, it would not be possible to tell the story of higher education's contributions to the movement for a sustainable economy. Yet crafting meaningful and engaging communications campaigns is challenging for many, and different institutions require different approaches. A comprehensive communications strategy requires skill with a range of platforms and outreach methods, not to mention a refined style and tone that reinforces an institution's brand. Ideally, sustainability communications also seek to create meaningful behavior change and measure impact by incorporating behavioral science and psychology research and tracking analytics.

This workshop will help attendees craft communications campaigns that use technology and research-based methods to reach and engage a variety of audiences. The workshop will review best practices and guidelines in communications, with hands-on practice in designing communications and messaging for social media, newsletters, websites/blogs, and signage; incorporating principles from psychology and behavioral science; and understanding communications impact through analytics. The workshop is at the intermediate level, but will offer material for both beginner and advanced participants as well.

After a hands-on exploration of communications concepts, participants will work with the presenters and their colleagues to refine a sustainability campaign for their institution.

Audience Empowerment

In this interactive workshop, participants will practice applying principles of psychology and behavioral science research to their communications. Participants will engage in an analysis of sample analytics and will be asked to design analytics tracking for their own campaigns. Finally, the session will wrap up with time for refining individual communications campaigns. 

Primary Topic Area

Campus Engagement & Culture

Secondary Topic Areas

Communications Track
Public Engagement

Session Level

Intermediate Level

Intended Audience

Businesses and Community
Graduate Students or Above
Other Staff
Sustainability Staff
Undergraduate Students