$$ Facilitation for Organizational Change: Part II $$

Dallase Scott Presenter
Vice President of Change Management
Lisa Bjerke Co-Presenter
Senior Program Manager for Change Management
Wed, 10/30: 8:30 AM  - 12:00 PM 
Half-Day Workshop 
AM Post-Conference Workshop 
Room: 401C - Communications Track 
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Developed in response to feedback from previous facilitation workshops at AASHE, this hands-on, practice-based workshop will delve deeply into specific facilitation skills needed for challenging in-person decision making meetings. It builds off the pre-conference facilitation workshop, 'Facilitation for Organizational Change,' in which participants are introduced to core facilitation strategies and have opportunities to practice multi-meeting stakeholder process. Participants will learn how to adapt an agenda in the middle of a meeting to align meetings with overall process goals, to navigate the most challenging meeting behaviors, and to have a set of tools to create agenda activities that will keep their meeting participants engaged and bought into the important work at hand. This workshop provides participants essential tools to engage campus stakeholders in difficult conversations necessary for productive meetings, create clear outcomes, and avoid group-based decision paralysis. These skills are key for sustainability professionals in higher education wanting to lead their institutions into leadership roles within a sustainable economy, using collective wisdom to identify and implement more sustainable business practices on and off campus.

Audience Empowerment

This workshop provides participants with extended exercise time to practice the nuances of meeting facilitation. There will also be time for the group to both give and receive peer feedback to help them hone their facilitation skills.

Primary Topic Area

Campus Engagement & Culture

Secondary Topic Areas

Public Engagement

Session Level

Intermediate Level

Intended Audience

Businesses and Community
Graduate Students or Above
Other Staff
Sustainability Staff