Northern California October Wildfires in 2017 - The Most Destructive in California's History

Wed, 2/28: 8:00 AM  - 9:15 AM 
Room: Tuscany E&F 



One of the most destructive set of fires in California history, including the Tubbs Fire, was finally contained early November 2017.  In its wake (along with several other fires nearby), 44 lives were lost, with 8,920 homes and business's destroyed, and nearly 245,000 acres burned.  Unfortunately for the city of Santa Rosa, the Tubbs fire was the most damaging fire in California's history. This general session will explore the factors leading up to the fire start, describe the fire's progression and explore the challenges experienced both during and after the fire.  The presenters will discuss potential changes not only related to wildfire response, but also multiple other areas that might be addressed going forward to minimize the impacts of similar wildfires in the future.


Tony Gossner, Santa Rosa Fire Department
Ken Pimlott, CALFIRE
Kim Zagaris, CAL Office of Emergency Services


General Session